Balancing your books so you can balance your life.

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Welcome To CalcuBook Services 

Mission Statement:

My mission is to provide clients superior bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services with superb accuracy and the highest standard of quality while holding high ethical standards.  I know the value of time--time efficiency is an important concept that I hold and abide by.  Privacy and confidentiality are extremely important to me; I protect my clients’ privacy and hold all documents and conversations confidential.  I enjoy keeping my clients happy--my services include professionalism, great attitude, high enthusiasm, and making the impossible possible! 

My Goal:

My goal is to have business owners focus their attention towards their business operations without the worries of keeping up, and maintaining, their bookkeeping and accounting tasks.  I help give business owners their own peace of mind that the bookkeeping and accounting tasks are completed accurately and in a timely manner.  Trust and reliability are very important when selecting a person to oversee your business finances.  Having trust in an accountant or bookkeeper, and knowing that accountant or bookkeeper is reliable, is comforting for a business owner, which enables you to direct all your attention towards your business operations because you know you have selected the one bookkeeper or accountant who will not let you down.  I have built strong relationships with business owners and I would like to also build that same relationship with you, the business owner.  With proper financial reporting, business owners can enjoy maximizing their profits while keeping their costs down.  My goal is to direct business owners towards financial growth and success! 


Carolyn Gopaul, CPB, Notary Public 
Owner & Founder of CalcuBook Services